beauty's best
kept secret

Oils - beauty's best kept secret

When we are young, our skin cells are held together by an abundance of oils. In our 20’s we start producing less and less of the oils that give our skin a healthy glow. So, our job is to add them back. Doing so is one of the most important ways we can support our skin, because a healthy lipid barrier prevents dehydration by helping skin retain moisture.
When oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve the lipid barrier function. All the benefits of the essential oils blended with the carrier oils in our products are absorbed into the skin to rehydrate, repair and rejuvenate skin cells. Using oils instead of cream is one of the best kept secrets in the beauty industry.

Big debate oils vs creams

Creams are mostly waxes and water, with a few oils thrown in. Waxes form a barrier layer on the skin, which helps to hold moisture in. There are two downsides to waxes: wax build up may lead to clogged pores, and the wax barrier may prevent the oil component of the cream (the part of the product that actually benefits skin) from penetrating.
At first, creams will work, because they help to initially hold in moisture, but as time goes on the wax barricade may prevent oils from delivering nutrients. Oil based beauty products made of natural oils have the same fine molecular structure as skin. This allows the skin to easily absorb all the active, highly nourishing, vitamin packed oils to rehydrate, repair and rejuvenate skin cells.

Earthsong Beauty Oils

With our Earthsong beauty oils, your skin will feel incredibly soft and silky, with a beautiful natural fragrance. More often than not you’ll see immediate results from the first application but after a month of use, the noticeable healthy glow will bring you flattering comments.
If you like the feel of cream but want the benefits of using oil try our beauty balm. An ultra-nourishing powerful moisturiser blend with Shea Butter and Baobab oils that are high in Vitamin A, E & F.

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