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“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” - Jane Goodall

Earthsong is committed to do no harm, which includes keeping the earth and our bodies free from toxins. Our range is 100% natural, consciously created to contain no nasty ingredients, which may endanger any earthling or the Earth’s water, soil or air.
The skin is our largest organ, more than 60% of what is put on the skin is absorbed into our body. Many beauty care products, soaps and shampoos, including most of the top brands, contain harmful toxins which can cause serious damage to our soil and water. This in turn comes back to us in what we drink and eat.
Many small steps make one giant leap! Please check the labels before you buy products that are not Earthsong’s! Rather look for a more eco-friendly alternative whenever you can.

Here are a few of these nasty ingredients to look out for:

Global demand and production of palm oil is growing dramatically. Found in shampoo, cosmetics, cleaning products and biodiesel. Large portions of tropical forests and carbon-rich peatlands are being cleared in southeast Asia, Africa and Latin American to make way for oil palm plantations. This increased deforestation is adding to global warming carbon emissions, shrinking natural habitats for endangered wildlife species, including the orangutan.
Preservative commonly used in creams and lotions. Known endocrine disruptors that mimic oestrogen. They may cause hormonal imbalances, and have been found in breast cells and is associated with breast cancer.
Are often allergens that can cause asthma and skin rashes. Biochemical or cellular level changes have been found. They often include phthalates, that are used to make fragrances last longer. These are associated with damage to the male reproductive system.
Toxic contaminants, neurotoxin, immuno-toxin, and reproductive effects.
Foaming agents used in shampoos, toothpaste & soap. Strips off the skin’s oil layer and can cause Dermatitis, Kidney and Liver abnormalities, prevents skin growth & possible skin irritations. Can cause problems with eye tissue.
Antimicrobial pesticide in liquid soap or bar soaps. Very toxic to the aquatic environment. Disrupts thyroid function & reproductive hormones. May promote bacterial resistance.
Used in most skin creams, lotions, tissue oils, bio-oils and baby oils. They are bi-products from converting crude oil to petrol or diesel. These petroleum based ingredient’s molecular structure is too large to be absorbed into our skin, so it coats the surface and can clog pores, trap toxins, prevent skin from breathing, and slows skin cell growth. It causes skin to dry, although it feels soft on the surface. Repeated skin exposure may cause dermatitis. The biggest concern is that these petroleum derived ingredients wash off our skin and enter our lakes, rivers and seas creating pollution that is non biodegradable.
Skin conditioning agent. Tests show this to be a neurotoxin & immuno-toxin. It can cause allergies, rashes & headaches.
Are skin irritants, ingredients used to dye or add colour to personal care products, particularly those in hair dyes. Some are actually made from coal tar, (bituminous coal) derivatives that are continuously tested on animals due to their carcinogenic properties.
Preservative. Studies show brain & nervous system effects at moderate doses. Implicated in cellular mutation possibly carcinogenic
An antiperspirant used in most deodorants. Tested as a reproductive & neuro-toxin. Also an aquatic toxin. Found in breast cells and has been linked to cancer.
Used in sunscreens. Contributes to coral bleaching (which is also exacerbated by warming oceans) as it damages adult coral but also deforms and kills baby coral, so reefs are less able to regenerate. Between 6,000 and 14,000 tons of sunscreen end up in reef areas each year,

"falling in love with the Earth is one of life's great adventures"
~ steve van matre ~

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