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Skincare every day

A basic skincare routine has 3 main steps
1: Cleansing
2: Toning
3: Moisturizing
Allow these three steps to become your daily ritual to help you feel grounded every day and give your skin a healthy glow. For best results use these Earthsong beauty products twice daily, morning and night.

STEP 1: Cleanser

While putting oil on your skin may not feel cleansing, it is the best way to cleanse because oil absorbs oil. The plant oils in Earthsong Cleanser and Makeup Remover, combine with the skin’s natural oils to remove any impurities that can cause blocked pores without drying out the skin. It is powerful enough to remove any type of makeup even oil based mascara.

STEP 2: Toner

Toner deep cleanses the skin by removing impurities and any left over cleanser. It can help close pores and tighten skin cells, reducing the penetration of impurities into the skin. Earthsong Toner also balances the skin’s pH levels, so that the skin is able to absorb the beneficial ingredients from Serum or Beauty Balm applied afterwards.

STEP 3: Serum or Beauty Balm

Unlike water based creams, oil based skincare products combine with the skin’s natural oils so the nourishing, vitamin packed ingredients are easily absorbed. Earthsong’s Serum or Beauty Balm are expertly blended to increase the production of collagen, regenerate new skin cells and dramatically improves elasticity, leaving the skin radiant and smooth.

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